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Would you like to learn how to write better English?
Now it’s possible, and you can do it at home!

At Learn to Write Better English at Home you will find 28 complete lessons with suitable exercises and the answer key.

At Learn English Writing you will find lots of useful and helpful writing tips for students of English. The tips include:

Think English More – Student Programmes
(for ZS2 students only)

Collect points
for your activities at the Think English website
and exchange them for SurPrizes or school marks

THINK ENGLISH announces 2 programmes designed for students who think reading is not enough and want to put their own oar in the site by posting comments, voting in polls, sending e-cards to other Think English users, contributing articles to the site or enhancing and enriching the website as a whole in any other way.

Learn more about the programmes!

1. Your Turn Programme
2. Be a Blogger Programme
3. Exchange your points
4. Sign up for the programmes
5. Check your scores

Your Turn Programme

You can earn points as you do the Your Turn activities which you will find at the end of nearly each article published at Think English. Every such post is tagged with “Your Turn”, so just click the tag to find them all and start earning points!

CLICK => Your Turn tag <= CLICK

For each type of activity involving using English you will earn up to 25 points, according to the following scheme:

POLLS (1-3 points)
Vote in any of the open polls and then COMMENT on the poll (e.g. if you liked it or not and why/why not) or on your vote (e.g. explain why you voted as you did).

QUIZZES (1-5 points)
Take any quiz, post the results as a comment (copy and paste the HTML code) and then COMMENT on the quiz itself or on the results you got (e.g. if you agree or not and why).

e-CARDS (1-5 points)
Write an e-card e.g. for all the Think English website users and paste the link as a COMMENT or send it to think.english[at]op.pl and the Think English admin will publish your e-card as your COMMENT.

Read an article and write your COMMENT following the prompts given in the Your Turn section underneath some articles.

Read an article and write your COMMENT concerning its content, materials or links mentioned in it.

e-mail READ ENGLISH scores (1-10)
a) Read and listen to articles from the READ ENGLISH section (https://zs2konkursy.wordpress.com/read-english);
b) do the vocabulary, pronunciation and comprehension exercises;
c) E-MAIL YOUR SCORES to the Think English admin.
(IMPORTANT NOTE: if your message will return to you, send it again to think.english[at]op.pl along with the attached score!)

report READ ENGLISH articles (5-25)
a) Read and listen to articles from the READ ENGLISH section (https://zs2konkursy.wordpress.com/read-english) or categorized as ESSAYS (https://zs2konkursy.wordpress.com/category/essays)
b) do the vocabulary, pronunciation and comprehension exercises;
c) e-mail the link to the article you have read;
d) print the article;
e) learn the vocabulary from the article;
f) learn how to retell the story;
g) come to your English teacher at school and report on what you have learnt.

Be a Blogger Programme

You can earn points by writing articles, essays, stories, reports, etc. which will be published at the Think English website.

For such contribution to the website you will earn from 5 to 25 points.

You may write a text
a) on the culture of English-speaking countries, concerning e.g. holidays, customs, symbols, patron saints, cities, celebrities, events, etc.
b) on your hobbies and interests, e.g. music, films, books, sports, school, computers, lifestyles, ecology, etc.
c) on any subject you want (you may write e.g. for and against essay, review, short-story, interview, etc.)

While writing, remember simple rules:
a) write your article yourself! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes – to err is human!
b) if you quote, always use quotation marks and cite the source (the author’s name and e.g. title of the book or link to the article)

Exchange your points

You can exchange your points earned in both programmes for great SurPrizes or school marks, according to the following scheme:

50 points = you may draw 2 SurPrizes from the Bag and then choose 1 of these to keep;
40 points = you may draw and keep 1 SurPrize from the Bag.

School marks:
50 points = you get A (very good)
40 points = you get B (good)

Sign up

for the programmes NOW!

We are looking forward to your input,
so don’t think twice and take part
in THINK ENGLISH Programmes!

To sign up:
a) choose a nick for yourself (e.g. ania635);
b) submit it along with your full name and your form (e.g. Anna Nowak, 2b LO):
c) you may sign up
by e-mail (think.english[at]op.pl) or
in person at the classrooms 106 B (Mr Ryszard Oślizło) or 107 B (Ms Katarzyna Śnieg)
d) always use the same nick when posting comments at Think English

Check your updated scores:

Your updated scores are published underneath along with your nick:

4 points
(50 points have been exchanged for an “A”)

10 points

25 points

4 points
(50 points have been exchanged for an “A”)

19 points

44 points

55 points

Orkut Myspace Congratulation Scraps, Graphics and Comments

14 points

7 points

Krzysztof Grzelak
15 points

12 points
(50 points have been exchanged for a SurPrize: Niezły numer!, a book by Ryszard Oślizło)
(50 points have been exchanged for a SurPrize: an Express Publishing school bag)

Natalia K
(50 points have been exchanged for an “A”)

Martyna K
15 points

ola p
15 points

justyna s
16 points

18 points



1. John1668 - 21 April 2010

Very nice site!


2. Pharmg132 - 10 May 2010

Hello! interesting site!


3. Beatriz Mena - 9 June 2010

Hello!.. i’m really delighted with this site, congratulations!!:.
I’m student from ILAC and i’m in intermediate level. I would like to help as needed. I want to improve my English and i think that may be a good idea if we help each other.
However, the site is really nice!!..
Beatriz M


Ryszard Oślizło - 9 June 2010

I’m so glad you like the site! 🙂
It would be great to have you aboard! You’re always welcome here and I’m sure your help will be invaluable. If you have any ideas for articles, quizzes, reports, stories, insights, games, essays, etc., please, feel free to contact me at think.english[at]op.pl (or here) and I’ll be happy to publish your work at Think English. I am open to any input you want to contribute, so let me know 🙂

BTW, your site looks great too. Unfortunately, I’m not an expert in Spanish, though I like the sound of the language a lot – some years ago I even tried to learn the basics on the Internet, but now I don’t remember much. I’m sure one day I’ll have another go 😉

Take care,


4. cornell university college - 8 September 2010

Hi buddy, your blog’ s design is simple and clean and i like it. Your blog posts are superb. Please keep them coming. Greets!!!


5. 泳鏡 - 10 January 2011

I’m grateful for you because of this good written content. You definitely did make my day :


6. mallorca reisen - 11 January 2011

I’ve been following your blog since you started. You have made amazing progress. This site is an inspiration for all pursuing a long transition versus the big chop.

– Rob


7. shogun - 27 June 2011

I just know. Nice post! Thanks for sharing the info. Very Useful.


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