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Fall in Love with High School No 2 25 February 2014

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Watch a short animoto video with pictures taken during the “Fall in Love with High School No 2” event on Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day 2014 14 February 2014

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Meet Mr. Avatar and join a short English lesson on Valentine’s Day that took place at High School No. 2 today. To see the prezi – CLICK ON THE PICTURE

Valentine’s Day 13 February 2010

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The history of Valentine’s Day goes back to ancient Rome and the Lupercalia festival. It was celebrated on February 15 in honour of gods Lupercus and Faunus as well as Romulus and Remus – the legendary founders of Rome.

One of the Lupercalia celebrations was an abundant feast and another – performed on February 14 – a name drawing ceremony. During this ceremony each young man would draw the name of a young woman and they became partners for the time of the festival.

At that time, the festival wasn’t called “Valentine’s Day”. When Emperor Claudius II passed a decree according to which soldiers couldn’t get married, a priest named Valentine disobeyed the new law and secretly performed marriage ceremonies. In consequence, he was sentenced to prison until his death on February 14 around AD 270.

Before his execution, Valentine is said to have written a farewell letter to his sweetheart girl which he signed “from your Valentine”. That letter was the first Valentine card ever and an inspiration to all of us who ever since have been sending “Valentines” to our beloved ones.

After his death, Valentine was named a saint and when Christian priests moved Lupercalia form the 15 to the 14 of February, they also changed the name of the festival. Since then it is called St. Valentine’s Day to honor the romantic and brave Saint Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your Turn!

Here’s a special treat THINK ENGLISH has found on the Internet for you:
CLICK on the heart
and find out about your sweetheart:

CLICK on me and find out about your sweetheart!

And don’t forget to send your own Valentine card to your sweetheart! We recommed to choose and send one of these e-cards, because every time a FREE Care2 eCard is sent, a donation is made to help important organizations!

YOU can also send YOUR OWN e-card
to all THINK ENGLISH users to
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so that everyone could enjoy
your Valentine card!

See other users’ e-cards – CLICK HERE

Valentine’s Day Winners 13 February 2010

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The winners of the Valentine’s Day contest are Gosia (Ia LO) and Daniel (IIa LO) whose excellent presentations you can download and see from here, by clicking on the pictures:

by Daniel           by Gosia


The winners were rewarded with Valetine’s Day DVD films:


VALENTINE’S DAY – konkurs szkolny 3 February 2010

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walentynkowe filmy!

Konkurs „Valentine’s Day”

Co wiesz o Walentynkach?

Przygotuj prezentację PowerPoint, zawierającą:

* krótką historię Walentynek *
* opis obchodów związanych z tym świętem *
* przykładowe pocztówki walentynkowe *
* twoją „walentynkę” dla kogoś wyjątkowego *


  • prezentację przygotuj w języku angielskim
  • tekst prezentacji napisz samodzielnie
  • prezentację prześlij na adres think.english[at]op.pl wraz z imieniem, nazwiskiem i klasą (uwaga: tylko z rozszerzeniem .ppt lub .pptx)
  • termin przyjmowania prezentacji upływa 11 lutego 2010r. (czwartek)
  • wygraj film walentynkowy, który obejrzysz z kimś wyjątkowym!
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