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Happy Thanksgiving! 25 November 2009

Posted by Ryszard Oślizło in Holidays, USA.
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Hardly is it possible to imagine Thanksgiving Day today without a big fat turkey on the table, and everyone knows – or at least they think, they do – that it was the Pilgrims who first started the tradition. And yet, surprisingly perhaps, the first Thanksgiving was not celebrated by the Pilgrims.

In fact, Thanksgiving Day has been celebrated in one way or another throughout history by cultures around the world. In today’s America people take the fourth Thursday of November to appreciate all that we have to be thankful for.

As care2.com says (in their e-card newsletter):

Animist tribes believed that plants and animals had spirits which were angered by the harvest. To appease these spirits, tribes would make offerings which often included elaborate festivals. These ceremonies provided the foundation for today’s Thanksgiving Day holiday.

Your Turn!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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