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If Colours Could Speak… 13 December 2009

Posted by Ryszard Oślizło in Essays, Symbols.
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Colours surround you: you see them, wear them and even eat and drink them. Most probably, you like some of them better than others. Have you ever thought about the possible reasons why you love wearing your green sweater or black jeans but hate the very idea of putting on that dreadful pink blouse or grey T-shirt? Well, perhaps it’s because of the messages that different colours convey – in other words, you may or may not like what particular colours say to you or… about you. Your most loved and most hated colours may be a key to understanding your personality, so why don’t you learn the language of colours and check what they say about you?

Think about different colours now and choose those you like best and perhaps one that you simply can’t stand. If you find it difficult to decide, look around your room and see what colours your walls, furniture and gadgets are. Then open your wardrobe and see what colours your clothes are and finally, check your fridge to see if you prefer any colour in your food. Aren’t these reliable indicators of which colours you like and which you don’t? Or else, you might want to use the simple quiz which you can find here or when clicking on the link underneath this post.

After you have chosen your best and worst colours – check what they mean. The ones you like will tell you what kind of person you are or would like to become. While you might expect that the colours you don’t like mean that you lack the qualities they symbolize, it is not necessarily the case. Instead, they will tell you about the qualities that you don’t want to see in yourself whether they’re positive or negative. I recommend to think twice before you reject such possibility – sometimes you need to look deeper to see what lies beneath and remember that none of us know ourselves ultimately. Why not reveal at least one or two secrets about ourselves, then?

Below you will find a few names of colours enlisted, so if you have already chosen yours, check the website I recommend (care2.com), where you will find these colours explained in detail. And after that you may share your results with us all, so post a comment here! You might say (1) what colours are your most loved and most hated ones, (2) what they told you about yourself and (3) if you agree with what you learnt or not. After all, not only colours can speak, but so can you!

Your Turn!

Use the quiz to help you decide:
What Colour Are You?

colour circle

CLICK and PASTE the html code here

Now that you have chosen your best and worst colours, click on the colourful link below and check what the colours say about you:

White, Red, Maroon, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Blue-Green, Turquoise, Lavender, Purple, Brown, Grey, Black

Do you agree with what the colours say about you?
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