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Merry Christmas! 23 December 2009

Posted by Ryszard Oślizło in Holidays.
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A note on the history of Christmas
We celebrate Christmas on December 25 each year, but do you know when this holiday was celebrated for the first time? Well, this tradition wasn’t known until 336 A.D. which means that this year it’s going to be celebrated for the 1673rd time! Its original main idea was to honour the birth of Jesus which later gradually changed into a family tradition celebrated around the world rather than solely religious holiday.

Christmas tree
The spirit of holiday joy and cheer includes a lot of traditions observed by many, such as Christmas trees, Santa Claus, singing Christmas carols, kissing under the mistletoe or sending Christmas cards to those near and dear to you. Do you know when and where the tradition of decorating Christmas trees started? It was in 16th century Germany (BTW it was the Tudor times in England) and the person responsible for the first Christmas tree was supposedly Martin Luther. While on his way home on a Christmas Eve he admired the bright, starry sky and wanted to bring some of the beauty home for his children. He decorated a large evergreen with glowing candles which happened to be such a wonderful idea that we still do the same even today.

Santa Claus
The figure of Santa Claus originated from St. Nicholas (living in the 4th century A.D.) and the concept of giving Christmas gifts was inspired by his generosity. He used to throw gifts through windows to make children and the poor happy. Soon after Dutch immigrants brought the tradition to America in the 1600s (they called the Saint “Sinter Klaas”), Americans adopted it, calling the Saint “Santa Claus”. Later the image of Santa evolved into the fat, jolly man dressed all in red, travelling around the world with a team of flying reindeer.

Christmas Cards
If you like sending and receiving Christmas cards, you might be curious to know when and where this tradition began. It started in England in 1843, but the first Christmas card was printed in the United States in 1875, in Massachusetts. Nowadays so many people around the world send Christmas cards that the industry has become a multibillion dollar business.

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More about Christmas you can read here: Christmas at care2.com and here: Christmas at Wikipedia.

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