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Give Me a Penny and I’ll Change the World 13 October 2011

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What do you think you need Change the World to make a difference to the world? A global campaign? A bankful of money? An international charity fund? An army of volunteers? Well, think again. In fact, you don’t need anything that you don’t already have. Plus 2 PLN, perhaps.

Impossible? Not for those who are creative, generous, selfless and positive – just like the IIIa LO, IIId LO and IVb T students who proved that where there is a will there is a way. In no time (a few minutes, to be exact) they found lots of different ways to make the world a better place to live. Read their ideas and feel inspired!

If I had 2 PLN, I would buy a better kind of shopping bag (e.g. recyclable or biodegradable) to save environment because I wouldn’t have to buy another plastic bag for some time. (Ania)

Change the WorldGive me 2 PLN and I’ll change the world. If I had 2 PLN, I would look around and try to find someone who needs it more than I do – and, of course, it must be a person who I could trust. I’d offer them the money if they promised me that if they ever find someone who will need the money more than they do, they will give it to that person. It may be one person or a group of people – it doesn’t matter. What’s important, is that they must tell such a person/group the same I told them. I think that this idea could change the world and make it a better place to live because even though 2 PLN is not much, it may be the first step to change people. If people become more generous and more caring about others, the world will change for the better. (Martyna)

If I had 2 PLN, I would buy a comb and go to the city centre. I would play the comb for money. Then, for the money I would earn, I would buy some cat and dog food and give it to an animal shelter. I would save another 2 PLN to buy two pan lids and go back to the city centre to continue my campaign… (Natalia K)

If I had 2 PLN, I would buy a clown nose and go to a children’s hospital where I’d try and console sad children. (Emilia)

If I had 2 PLN, I would buy 4 bread-rolls and give them to poor people who are hungry. They could share with other hungry people and so there would be less hungry people in the world. (Gosia)

Change the WorldIf I had 2 PLN, I would buy a bottle of water, because in Poland there is a charity campaign in which if you buy a bottle of water, people in Africa will get some drinking water. Someone wouldn’t be thirsty. Give me 2 PLN and I’ll change the world. (ola p)

If I had 2 PLN, I would buy a lottery ticket to win 3 million and be able to help other people. I would organize charity events for the sick and the homeless. I would buy toys for poor children, medicines for the sick and food for the hungry. Everyone would get what they need and be happy. (Młody)

If I had 2 PLN I would buy some strawberry seeds and sow them on my grandmother’s plot. Then I could give the strawberries to poor children every year to make their lives sweeter. They feel alone and unloved, however some tasty fruits could make them happy. (Patrycja)

If I had 2 PLN I would buy my little neighbour some crayons. She is 7 years old and she lives with her mom. They’re poor. She always wears clothes too big for her. I talked to her once and she told me that she was dreaming about the day when she would draw a picture worth a lot of money. She told me that her mom didn’t have enough money to buy her some new crayons. That’s why I want to buy them for her and help her dream come true. (GosiaR)

2 PLN is not much but when used in a good way, it can change something. In my opinion a good idea is to send a text message for charity. It only costs 2 PLN and that money are to help sick children. I hope that a lot of people send messages like this, because it doesn’t cost much and in this way we can help someone in need. (Kasia)

Change the WorldIf I had 2 PLN I would give this money to a homeless person. Maybe it sounds stupid, because 2 PLN is nothing for many people. But for a poor person it’s something special. He or she could buy some food or something to drink. Poverty is a huge problem nowadays. There are a lot of starving people on the streets and we don’t often notice somebody else’s pain. But this problem is getting bigger and bigger. As I said before, 2 PLN is not a lot of cash and it’s impossible to repair the world with this sum of money. However, for this one homeless, poor person it could mean a piece of bread or some hot tea bought in a restaurant. This single deed may not change the whole world but it could definitely change somebody’s day. I think it’s worth it. (Magda)

If I had 2 PLN I would buy… balloons. I would take some paper and pens and then go to the hospital to give the balloons to sick children. Together we would draw pictures of the balloons on pieces of paper. I would like to make those children happy and see smiles on their faces even if it was for one moment only. Sick children need to know that they’re not alone and not to think about their being ill all the time. (Roksana)

If I had 2 PLN, maybe I would buy a pen and some paper. Next, I would write a poem about nature, my feelings, some people or my town and send it to a publishing house. Some day in the future someone might read my poem and it could change his or her view of life. Maybe in 20 years’ time this poem will be read at schools and students will interpret what I wanted to say in the same way as we are now interpreting poems by Mickiewicz or Kochanowski. I hope I could change the world in this way. (Monika)

Your Turn!

1) Think and share with us your own idea how to make a difference to the world with just 2 PLN (or with no money at all if you wish).

2) Choose the best of the above ideas and write, why you think it’s the best.

3) Write a few words about someone you know or heard of who can be called “an everyday hero” (You can find more about everyday heroes – HERE.)

Post your answers as a comment HERE.

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