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Australia Day 2013 – konkurs na prezentację 23 January 2013

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Co wiesz o
Think English ogłasza konkurs na prezentację przygotowaną w aplikacji

Kliknij, żeby powiększyć!

prezentację na temat Australii.
Aby to zrobić:

(1) wejdź na stronę http://prezi.com i załóż swoje konto (możesz to zrobić jednym kliknięciem, przez Facebook).

(2) obejrzyj filmy pokazujące możliwości aplikacji PREZI
i uczące jej wykorzystania

(3) wykorzystaj swoją wiedzę o Australii oraz pomysłowość i kreatywność, aby stworzyć ciekawą i inspirującą prezentację.


(4) wyślij link do swojego projektu na adres: think.english[at]op.pl wraz ze swoim imieniem, nazwiskiem i klasą,

(5) pamiętaj: termin upływa 1 lutego 2013,

(6) możesz wygrać nagrodę i dostać ocenę cząstkową!



What Do You Know About Australia? 18 March 2012

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Australia (by Ania Juszczyk, III d LO)
Australia is a large island located in the south-eastern part of the world. The capital of Australia is Canberra and Sydney is the largest city. The Australian animals are very rare and specific only for that area. Welcome to AustraliaThese species, such as kangaroos or koalas, were discovered only in Australia. The native Australian people are called Aborigines.

Aborigines (by Kamil Kordela, I a LO)
Aborigines are indigenous people of Australia. They arrived in Australia about 40 to 60 thousand years ago and probably came from the islands of Southeast Asia. Their main activities were hunting and gathering in coastal areas and fisheries. Aborigines led a nomadic life, roamed vast areas establishing temporary camps near water and as soon as food supplies ran out, they set off on their journey.

Melbourne (by Marek Łącz, I a LO)
Melbourne is the second most populated city in Australia and the capital of the state Victoria. It has got the biggest harbour in Australia, and large part of automotive industry. There are located many sports objects. 9 out of 16 Australian Football League teams are based in Melbourne. It’s the fourth city in the world, which has the biggest number of students from abroad. Over 16 thousand Poles live in Melbourne.

Kangaroos (by Kamil Szulik, I a LO)
Kangaroo is the most famous marsupial living in Australia. It moves jumping on long strong hind legs. During the fast (50 km/h) running the jumps can even be longer than 10 feet and higher than 3 meters. The long tail helps to keep the balance while jumping, and also serves as a support when resting.

Kangaroo hits it on the ground to warn its fellows when they are in danger. His front limbs are short and ended in claws. The animals uses them to pick up food. The most characteristic feature of these animals is the pouch on the abdomen of the female. Tiny baby kangaroo goes into this bag right after it’s born. It is 3 inches long and it stays in this pouch until the eighth month of its life.

When famous Captain James Cook reached the coast of Australia, he met Aborigines and asked them:
“What is this strange jumping animal?”
“Kangaroo,” was the answer.
In the language of the original inhabitants of Australia, the word did not mean, however, the name of the animal, but simply: “I do not understand you.”




Your Turn!

Answer 5 questions to check what you know about Australia:

1. Where is Australia located?
2. What is the capital of Australia?
3. Which species were discovered in Australia?
4. Who are the Aborigines?
5. What is the name of an instrument resembling a giant flute, that is considered one of the oldest musical instruments in the world?

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