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Gifted and Smart! 16 December 2009

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The two school contests that took place on Tuesday, 8 December 2009, were part of the English Days at Wojciech Korfanty High School and were arranged and prepared by English teachers, Ryszard Oślizło and Katarzyna Śnieg helped by the following committed students, respectively:

A Chance of Success: Patryk Szlędak, Klaudia Zalewska, Dominika Zając, Sylwia Sądowska and Weronika Urbańska.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?: Martyna Kosmala and Małgorzata Cichecka.

And don’t let us forget about the priceless help of our school radio staff: Adam Piernikarczyk and Dariusz Szymański. Thank you very much for your work and time. It wouldn’t be the same without you!


As Mr. Wojciech Mann couldn’t make it to our show, we had Patryk Szlędak instead, who did his job as the host wonderfully. Obviously, it was a piece of cake for him!

We had 7 contestants, some of whom chose to sing in duos and one who sang solo. The first pair of contestants were Magdalena Krupka and Klaudia Fryzowicz who picked and sang “Knowing Me, Knowing You” and their performance set a high-level example for the remaining singers. Fortunately, as it turned out, all of them were so good that the legendary band ABBA had a tough nut to crack deciding who should win.

Following Magdalena and Klaudia, the stage was all for Justyna Myśliwiec and Sylwia Mazurkiewicz, who amazed the audience not only with their voices but also dance arrangement which successfully enriched their performance.

After that, Małgorzata Cichecka stepped onto the stage and left us all completely speechless, when we heard her clear, powerful and beautiful voice, while she was singing “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme”. No doubt Abba themselves must have been marvelled at her performance, because they voted for her to be the winner of the contest.

Finally, the audience attention was captured by a modern and bold interpretation of the last hit song presented during the contest – “Money, Money, Money” – which Marlena Sojka and Krystian Nowak decided to rap rather than sing.

At that point, the contest came to an end, but it wasn’t the end of surprises yet. Out of the blue, a great pop-star appeared on the stage. To the complete shock and delight of the audience, Lady GaGa performed one of her greatest hits and a bold, daredevil dance, making our show even more glamorous and exciting.

All in all, the contest proved both astounding and delightful talents of all of the contestants and provided the audience with a lot of good fun.

More photos HERE!


No sooner had the excitement after “The Chance of Success” lessened than another thrilling event started: a long awaited school edition of the world famous quiz “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”.

We had 9 two student teams of contestants, all ready and waiting for their chance to show off their knowledge. The show started with our two lovely hostesses, Martyna Kosmala and Małgorzata Cichecka, who welcomed the people in the audience and explained a few rules to be followed in the school edition of the show.

Each team of contestants picked a set of questions which might have been either themed (English Speaking Countries, Geography, Science, Literature and TV series) or mixed. Each set contained 15 questions and the contestants had 3 lifelines to use: Fifty-Fifty, Ask the Expert and Translate the Question (the latter lifeline was never used by any team) and they had half a minute to answer each question.

After having a lot of good fun and answering nearly one hundred questions by all the contestants, the proud winners were finally revealed – Patrycja Sikora and Małgorzata Reguła. The second and third prizes were won respectively by Tomasz Dębski/Aleksander Woźniak and Anna Nguyen Van/Daniel Szczepanik.

More photos HERE!


Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to the participants, hosts, helpers, the school radio staff and the audience! All winners were rewarded with great, inspiring books donated by our kind sponsors: Studio Astropsychologii, Oxford University Press and Pearson Longman.

The winners in “A Chance of Success” won Oxford University Press and Pearson Longman readers while the winners in “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?” were rewarded with interesting and inspiring books by Zbigniew Brześkiewicz, published by Studio Astropsychologii:

  • Superpamięć
  • Superczytanie
  • Jak łatwo i skutecznie uczyć się języków obcych

We haven’t forgotten about our helpers either – each of them was rewarded with a SurPrize (What is a SurPrize?). Enjoy the books and films and GET INSPIRED!

We hope everyone involved had great fun
and the success of both shows
could be repeated
next year!

And now – time for the promised SURPRISE! Nearby we proudly present WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? – a software developed exclusively for the users of the THINK ENGLISH website! No need to install, just download and unrar the folder, run the Millionaires.exe file and enjoy the quiz!

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A CHANCE OF SUCCESS – konkurs szkolny 20 November 2009

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Pokaż na co Cię stać!

POĆWICZ JUŻ TERAZ – Kliknij w mikrofon

Szansa na Sukces

A Chance of Success

8 grudnia 2009r. (wtorek)
w godz. 8.50 – 10.30 (2. i 3. lekcja)
w sali kinowej

odbędzie się szkolny konkurs
z udziałem legendarnej grupy


1. W konkursie mogą brać udział uczniowie wszystkich klas ZS nr 2.
2. Uczestnicy zaśpiewają:

Mamma Mia! zobacz video
Dancing Queen zobacz video
Money, Money, Money zobacz video
I Have A Dream zobacz video
The Winner Takes It All zobacz video
Knowing Me, Knowing You zobacz video
Chiquitita zobacz video
Take A Chance On Me zobacz video
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme zobacz video
S.O.S. zobacz video
Waterloo zobacz video
Honey, Honey zobacz video
Tutaj znajdziesz teksty piosenek

3. Informacji udzielają i przyjmują zgłoszenia nauczyciele j. angielskiego:

Ryszard Oślizło (106 B)
Katarzyna Śnieg (107 B)

również e-mailem: think.english[at]op.pl

4. Termin przyjmowania zgłoszeń upływa 3 grudnia 2009r.
5. Czekają atrakcyjne nagrody książkowe ufundowane przez naszych sponsorów!


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