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Notus - szkoły dla ciebie

The book prizes are kindly sponsored
by the following publishing houses:

Pearson Longman

Pearson Longman

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press Polska

Studio Astropsychologii

Studio Astropsychologii

Instytut Wydawniczy Kreator

Instytut Wydawniczy Kreator

The Bag of SurPrizes


Do you have
books, DVDs, CDs, PC games
or any other gadget or gizmo
which you don’t need any more but others could well use them?
Now you can easily share them
– just put them into

WHAT is the Bag of SurPrizes?
The Bag of SurPrizes is a bank of things – books, DVDs, CDs, PC games and other gadgets or gizmos – all put in a bag and to be used as prizes in our school contests.

WHO can contribute?
A student, a teacher or anyone who wishes to become a partner and sponsor of THINK ENGLISH school contests can contribute to the Bag of SurPrizes.

HOW do I contribute?
If you have something you can share and give away as a prize in school contests – do not hesitate to bring it to the classroom 106 B and there you yourself will put your contribution into the Bag of SurPrizes.

WHAT happens to the SurPrizes?
The winners of school contests will have a chance to plunge their hand into the bag and pull out their prize – whatever it might be!

HOW can I win a SurPrize?
Take part in one of the THINK ENGLISH school contests, win and you will get a SurPrize!

WHAT is inside the Bag of SurPrizes NOW?
At the moment the Bag of SurPrizes contains as follows:

The Bag of SurPrizes
has been filled by:

What has been picked out of
The Bag of SurPrizes:

Rummage through your drawers,
share your treasures
and make them




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