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VOTE for my students’ stories 1 March 2015

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written for the annual all-Poland literary competition “Day by Day”

Click: http://glossa.pl/daybyday

You may vote for all 4 stories written by:

  • Aleksandra Lasia
  • Justyna Kulesza
  • Oliwia Penkala
  • Dorota Palka

Click: “Zagłosuj na ten pamiętnik” under each entry.




Two New Think English e-books 16 June 2014

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Click the covers to read the e-books

You are invited to read two new e-books written by 2 talented students at Wojciech Korfanty 2nd High School in Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Poland. Both stories were written for the all-Poland literary contest “Day by Day” organized by Glossa – School of Foreign Languages, based in Cracow. These e-books are completely different from each other both in style and content.

“When I Was… a Girl” by Oliwia Penkala is a funny story of a boy who one day wakes up to a pink-walled room and, to his horror, discovers he is no longer a boy… This abstract situation becomes a pretext for exploring the differences in boys’ and girls’ minds, behaviours and choices. Hilarious dialogues and reflective observations make the story a funny, light read with a message.

“A Miscellany of Memories” by Justyna Kulesza is a story of Janina Tulip, a sixty-year-old woman who spent her childhood and youth in the communist Poland of the 1970s and having discovered the truth about the political system, she decided to leave the country forever. Thirty years later she finds her old diary at the attic and decides to share her dramatic life experience with her blog readers.

You can read these e-books both from your computer and Android devices, just click the book cover of your choice and enjoy the read!

Day by Day 2014 8 March 2014

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Zapraszamy uczniów Zespołu Szkół nr 2
do udziału w ogólnopolskim konkursie „Day by Day”.

Do wygrania atrakcyjne nagrody, między innymi
wyjazd do Anglii lub na Maltę na intensywny kurs językowy.
Konkurs trwa do 31 marca 2014.

Szczegóły: Szkoła Języków Obcych GLOSSA
Zgłoszenia: p. Ryszard Oślizło (106 B).

Prizes on the Table 20 October 2013

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CLICK on the picture below and

Click and watch.

And Then There Were… Nine Winners! 15 October 2013

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Agatha Christie 2013 27 September 2013

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Agatha Christie – the life and works

skierowany do uczniów klas 2 Liceum Ogólnokształcącego

Chcesz poćwiczyć?

Polub THINK ENGLISH na Facebooku i rozwiązuj codziennie jeden quiz o Agacie Christie

KONKURS odbędzie się
w auli
4 października 2013 r. (piątek)
o godz. 10.40-11.25 (czwarta lekcja)

KONKURS składa się z 2 części do wyboru:
– QUIZ indywidualny
– QUIZ zespołowy (zespoły 2-osobowe)


Aby zgłosić się do konkursu, wystarczy wysłać e-mail
zawierający swoje imię i nazwisko, klasę (2 a, b, c LO)
oraz informację o wyborze quizu indywidualnego lub zespołowego

na adres: think.english[at]op.pl

LUB zgłosić się do jednego z organizatorów
w salach 106 B i 107 B
(Ryszard Oślizło, Katarzyna Śnieg).


Aby dowiedzieć się więcej o Agacie Christie, jej życiu i twórczości,
warto odwiedzić poświęcone jej strony internetowe:

ANGIELSKA OFICJALNA STRONA http://agathachristie.com
POLSKA OFICJALNA STRONA http://agathachristie.pl

Wiele innych quizów znajdziesz tutaj KLIKNIJ!

Dear Diary – a new Think English ebook 2 June 2013

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This collection includes 4 diary entries written by 1a LO, 1b LO and 1c LO students at Wojciech Korfanty High School in Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Poland, for the all-Poland writing contest “Day by Day” organized by Glossa – School of Foreign Languages, based in Cracow.

Each of these entries is totally different in style and content, which makes them unique and worth reading. “A Soldier’s Daughter” by Oliwia Penkala is a story full of intense emotion and feeling that will undoubtedly move and thrill the reader. “Heading for California” by Justyna Kulesza is rich in vocabulary that adds a spark of humour to this teenage romantic journey across the ocean. “An Explorer from Space” by Aleksandra Lasia is a story of yet another journey – different both in distance travelled and purpose – and the narrator has a truly unearthly flair for spotting the strangest human behaviours and habits. “Into the Dreamland” by Małgorzata Skorupa rivets the reader’s attention and interest from the very first paragraph, taking you into a land of dreams, fairies and magic where adventure awaits.

I hope you will enjoy reading these stories as much as the authors enjoyed writing them.

You can also download this e-book
to your Android mobile phone.
Scan the code:

After you have read the collection,
please, vote for the best short story.
You can choose two of them.
Vote everyday until June 16th, 2013.

A FanFiction eBook as a Tribute to Agatha Christie 30 April 2011

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As a tribute to the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie, the 2a LO and 2d LO students at Wojciech Korfanty High School in Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Poland, wrote a fan fiction short story collection “The New Investigations of Hercule Poirot”.

The task of writing a detective story was a classwork assignment and it took three consecutive English classes to plot, complete and revise the stories. The students were given the opening paragraph and the closing sentence of the story which they could use, change or replace to their liking. The parts suggested were the following:

Hercule Poirot frowned/brightened up. He had never investigated such a(n) interesting/surprising/shocking/dramatic/funny/easy/difficult case before. At the moment he was…(where? with whom? doing what?)… and remembering the whole story.

It all began when…

‘As always,’ he thought boastfully, ‘Hercule Poirot proved to be the greatest detective in the world!’

Moreover, the students were asked to focus on some specific grammar structures, including direct and reported speech and modal verbs of deduction. As for the target vocabulary, they were supposed to employ body verbs such as “frown”, “giggle” or “gasp” as well as adjectives describing places, e.g. “shabby”, “luxurious” or “cramped”.

The great enthusiasm and commitment which all the students brought to this project will certainly make up for some possible shortcomings that may be found within these covers.

Hopefully, you will enjoy reading the stories as much as the authors enjoyed writing them!

After you have read the collection,
please, vote for the best short story.
You can choose more than one.

The Black Rose Poems 4 February 2011

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Think English proudly presents translations of two poems sent in by one of the site users, Madeline. She is a promising young poet with a unique ability to transform the elusive internal worlds of her thoughts and feelings into the comprehensible language of words. She decided to share her gift with us and agreed to publish three of her latest poems, written as the Black Rose Trilogy. Not only did Madeline write those poems but she translated two of them into English for Think English website users all over the world. Thank you, Madeline!

Black Rose I

From stone to stone
blood drops fall
from the heart of black rose,
dying in the daylight.

In its black petals
sweetly sleeping joy
rests enchanted in the scent
from inside the sleep.

I’m like the black sad rose
and I meditate in silence
and from stone to stone
blood drops fall…

Black Rose II

Look at the black roses,
They’ve got thorns turned inwards,
Hidden beauty.
All of it is shut in one petal.
Inaccessibility cause loneliness.

You can also read the poems in Polish, as they were originally written, by clicking HERE.

Your Turn!

1. Write a comment on the poems and their translations: what do you feel or think when you read them? Paste it HERE.

2. Choose one stanza of the “Black Rose III” poem and translate it into English. Then, paste your translation as a comment HERE, for everyone to read.

Czarna Róża III

W świetle księżyca
rozkwitają czarne róże,
martwe i kruche.

Sto tysięcy pajęczych myśli
utkanych razem
owija się
wokół mnie,
mrowią się.

W powietrzu krew,
a ze wszystkich kątów
wylewają się myśli.

Księżyc ślizga się po niebie,
a gwiazdy zapadają w sen.

Dużo pajęczyn,
na dywanie płatki czarnych róż
i ich kolce.

A Killing Week with Agatha Christie! 10 October 2010

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The last week in September at W. Korfanty High School in Jastrzębie Zdrój proved to be absolutely killing. Following the example of the English Riviera, along with the rest of the world, the students took part in the exciting Agatha Christie theme week to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Queen of Crime’s birth year. The celebrations were arranged and prepared by English teachers, Ryszard Oślizło, Katarzyna Śnieg and Kinga Głowacka helped by the committed students: Magdalena Tęcza, Agnieszka Marszał, Sandra Pałka, Bartłomiej Brandys, Klaudia Reszka, Klaudia Fryzowicz, Krystian Nowak and Adam Piernikarczyk.

The Queen of Crime

Agatha Christie is the best-selling novelist in the world and her books have been translated into nearly every foreign language. Only the Bible and Shakespeare’s works sell better than her 79 detective-stories which made her detectives, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, as famous as their creator.

The Events

During the Agatha Christie Week at W. Korfanty High School more than 40 students took part in various competitions, quizzes, special events and creative tasks. Moreover, after attending a series of lessons and watching a programme on the life of Dame Agatha, there was no one at the school who wouldn’t know who Agatha Christie was, what she wrote and why she is so famous.

Those who wanted to take part in the multi-part competition could choose to do the tasks they liked best: some designed Agatha Christie book covers or wrote reviews, others made theme projects, enjoyed the quizzes or the special edition of the Who wants to be a millionaire game show where all the questions concerned the life and works of Agatha Christie.

Become a Detective

Everyone could even try their hand at a little detective work! There were 4 clues hidden on the premises of the school (the victim, the method, the motive and the scene of crime) to be found and used to guess which book they came from. A similar game with different clues was prepared for the Think English website users from all over the world.

The Prizes

For each project, quiz or game the participants collected points and the winners who managed to collect the most of them were rewarded with excellent prizes, such as: a PC Game And Then There Were None, 2 DVD films (Death on the Nile and Sad Cypress), 7 different books by Agatha Christie and her autobiography.

The Winners

Out of up to 100 points to collect, the winners obtained as follows:

I. The Agatha Christie competition (projects, quizzes, clues games):
1. Bartłomiej Brandys (IV g T): 90 points,
2. Małgorzata Reguła (III b T): 70 points,
3. Patrycja Sikora (III b T): 50 points,

4. Ewa Lipok (kl. IV b T): 45 points,
5. Madgalena Dzierża (II a LO), Magdalena Tęcza (IV f T), Sandra Pałka (IV f T): 40 points,
6. Daniel Jasiński (III c T): 37 points,
7. Patrycja Krzemińska (III b T): 35 points,
8. Anna Juszczyk (II d LO): 25 points,
9. Szymon Kondratowicz (III c T): 20 points,
10. Agnieszka Wachholz (IV g T), Adrian Malinowski (II a LO): 10 points.

II. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Agatha Christie:
1. Bartłomiej Brandys, Martin Zieliński (IV g T),
2. Patrycja Sikora, Małgorzata Reguła (III b T),
Dominika Zając, Sylwia Mazurkiewicz (III d LO),
3. Szymon Kondratowicz Daniel Jasiński (III c T).

Congratulations to all the winners and a massive thank you to the committed participants and helpers. Agatha Christie made us do it but it was you, who did it!

More Fun for Think English users

The Think English website have some special treats for its users: you can all still enjoy some of the games and quizzes, see some photos and as a reminder of the Agatha Christie Week you can download a Think Christie wallpaper:

1. A Think Christie wallpaper (CLICK to download!),
2. Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Agatha Christie (to be found in the FOR TEACHERS BOX soon),
3. Photos (CLICK to see the slideshow!),
4. Two Agatha Christie Quizzes (Click to download: QUIZ 1, QUIZ 2),
5. Become a Detective online game (CLICK to find out more),
6. Theme-projects made by the students (CLICK to see – soon).


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