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An Interview with Shashwat Shah 6 June 2016

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An Interview with Shashwat Shah
Oliwia Makuch

Oliwia: What do you like the most and the least about Jastrzębie?

Shash: Hello. Okay, so I think the answer is pretty simple, because the best thing is that the place is quite peaceful and it’s actually the worst thing as well, because it’s too peaceful sometimes. I like the open spaces, calm and the peace in the city and then sometimes it’s too much for me since I come from really, really big city.

O: Okay, so question number two is: if you had to describe your stay in this town in 3 words, how would you describe it?

S: Oh, umm. Spoko, spoko, spoko ha-ha.

O: Ha-ha okay, we can give you extra point for saying that in Polish, it was really good. So the next question is: is there anything that surprised you while being in Poland?

S: While being in Poland? A lot of things. It feels like I’m on a different planet actually, because the systems here are very different, the ways of doing things are very, very different, everything is quite different, so like an example would be driving here is different, the roads are designed in a very different way, that surprised me a lot. Secondly, the people here are quite friendly. In one month that I’ve been here, I haven’t even seen a one person argue or fight with each other, no one is raised angry or frustrated, so that’s kind of impressive again.

O: Okay, that’s good. So, no bad opinions about Poland so far.

S: I think Poland is a beautiful country first of all, like I said the green and open spaces are really really good to see and something different for me, but the only thing I kind of would like to point out is that it’s not growing the way it should maybe. Like, when I come back to India, India is growing every day, something new, something different happening, so when I come back to India I will see something new in my city, cause that’s how India is growing every day. I think that’s a little less in Poland maybe, but maybe because Poland is developed already. So that’s something I noticed.

O: That’s fair. How much Polish have you learned while being in our country?

S: Okay I will say just whatever I know. Little bit. So, Nazywam się Shashwat. Jestem z Indii, lubię pierogi. Then I know how to say Mówię tylko po angielsku i nie umiem mówić po polsku, kocham cię, do widzenia. Oh, and the last thing is Niech żyje Polska.

O: Okay that’s a lot then, really good. Are you looking forward to going back home?

S: When I go back I will be really, really sad of course, I like my country, but I like it here so I would like to stay for more. I’m not like, excited for going back. I like Poland.

O: Is there anything you’re going to miss once you’re back home?

S: The celebrity status, ha-ha. Yeah I’ll miss the celebrity status, the attention I get from everyone, the love, people take care of me so much here. I’ll definitely miss that. I’ll miss the classes, the schools, the students, the teachers. Everything, really, every bit, cause everything is so beautiful, I’ll miss everything and the food as well, the weather. When I go back I’ll be going to almost 40 degrees and here it’s like 20-25.

O: Okay, so that would be it. Thank you.

S: Do widzenia, ha-ha. See you in India.

O: See you in India, Shash.


A Self-Interview on Prison Break 20 January 2010

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A Self-Interview on the Prison Break TV series
Krzysztof Grzelak (Ia LO)

Question: Which character from “Prison Break” is my favourite?

Answer: Michael Scofield, because he was a very noble figure. He would do anything for his family, and particularly for his brother. He held up a bank and he landed in prison.

Q: Why did this film attract many viewers?

A: Because it showed everyday reality in prison and also everyday situations from human life even of the bad guys.

Q: What is my opinion about T-Bag played by Robert Knepper in the series Prison Break?

A: In my opinion this villain sets a bad example for the audience. He would do anything for money, he even sold his own family. He was harmed by his father in his youth and it influenced his private life.

Q: And what about the rest of characters? For example, Lincoln Burrows?

A: Burrows was the brother who was still getting involved in trouble. The worst happened when he was sent to prison. Lincoln was often in trouble, but Michael always helped him.

Q: How do I assess the actresses who played in the film?

A: I think that all the actresses in seasons 1-4 played with charm and beauty. They won many fans.

Q: Which season was the best?

A: I think that the first one, though the second was also nice. It showed the prisoners’ grey reality. And also lots of action.

Q: What was the best in the series?

A: The best thing was that the series played important role not only in Americans’ life, but in Europeans’ life as well. The action developed at a deadly pace. I wasn’t able to understand some plots alone.

Q: In the 4th season, did something break down?

A: Yes, it did. There were 13 episodes, and not 22 as always. The main director of the Prison Break series went away.

Q: Does this mean that the 4th season was weak?

A: No, but they exaggerated a little. For example, someone who surely was not alive was suddenly resurrected and we saw him on the screen. For me, the season lacks a strong finale.

Q: Don’t I miss the series? Maybe the 5th season would be a good idea?

A: I miss a bit – this waiting every week for fascinating episodes… But the 5th season would be a real defeat for the series. I wish Prison Break came back but fortunately I’m watching “House MD” now.

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