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‘English Cafe’ class at McDonalds 3 November 2013

Posted by Ryszard Oślizło in Events, Lessons.

“Sir, there’s a special offer for free coffee at McDonald’s. Why don’t we go and have a class over a nice cup of coffee?” said Justyna after I had asked what else we could do to make our ‘English cafe’ classes even more fun.

‘English cafe’ classes are those conversation lessons where nobody can speak a single word in Polish. I usually prepare handouts with Q&A activities and discussion topics but, generally, you can speak freely about anything and to anyone, provided you’re speaking English. And you can have something to drink – after all it’s supposed to be a cafe.

Justyna’s suggestion was excellent and so we went out of school on Tuesday morning and headed for McDonald’s. The weather was excellent and so were the students’ moods. On the spot I gave them handouts with questions concerning ‘personality’ and ‘change’ – to be discussed over free coffee.

Some students documented the field trip with their smartphones or tablets, using the Animoto application which I’d asked them to install. I hope you will enjoy the video made by Krzysiek Gołębiowski as much as we all enjoyed our ‘English Cafe’ class at McDonalds!



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