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The Black Rose Poems 4 February 2011

Posted by Ryszard Oślizło in Literature, Student Drawer, Student Programme, writer.
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Think English proudly presents translations of two poems sent in by one of the site users, Madeline. She is a promising young poet with a unique ability to transform the elusive internal worlds of her thoughts and feelings into the comprehensible language of words. She decided to share her gift with us and agreed to publish three of her latest poems, written as the Black Rose Trilogy. Not only did Madeline write those poems but she translated two of them into English for Think English website users all over the world. Thank you, Madeline!

Black Rose I

From stone to stone
blood drops fall
from the heart of black rose,
dying in the daylight.

In its black petals
sweetly sleeping joy
rests enchanted in the scent
from inside the sleep.

I’m like the black sad rose
and I meditate in silence
and from stone to stone
blood drops fall…

Black Rose II

Look at the black roses,
They’ve got thorns turned inwards,
Hidden beauty.
All of it is shut in one petal.
Inaccessibility cause loneliness.

You can also read the poems in Polish, as they were originally written, by clicking HERE.

Your Turn!

1. Write a comment on the poems and their translations: what do you feel or think when you read them? Paste it HERE.

2. Choose one stanza of the “Black Rose III” poem and translate it into English. Then, paste your translation as a comment HERE, for everyone to read.

Czarna Róża III

W świetle księżyca
rozkwitają czarne róże,
martwe i kruche.

Sto tysięcy pajęczych myśli
utkanych razem
owija się
wokół mnie,
mrowią się.

W powietrzu krew,
a ze wszystkich kątów
wylewają się myśli.

Księżyc ślizga się po niebie,
a gwiazdy zapadają w sen.

Dużo pajęczyn,
na dywanie płatki czarnych róż
i ich kolce.



1. ;) - 8 March 2011

in the moonlight
black roses are blossom
lifeless and fragile

The moon is sliding on the sky,
and the stars are falling asleep.

Lots of spiderwebs
black rose’s petals on the carpet
and their thorns.


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