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Scottish Day Report 10 December 2010

Posted by Ryszard Oślizło in Great Britain, Holidays, UK.
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During the last week in November the students in Wojciech Korfanty High School in Jastrzębie Zdrój, Poland, got an opportunity to learn what St. Andrew, Annie Lennox, red lion, thistle, bagpipes, golf, haggis and the monster of a certain lake have in common. The common denominator was Scotland whose national day is celebrated in November which was the reason why English teachers, Barbara Będkowska and Ryszard Oślizło, arranged a school “Scottish Day”, trying to show their students more about the country with the biggest number of famous inventors in history.

During English classes in the week preceding the “Scottish Day”, not only did the students learn lots of fascinating facts about the country, but they could also admire the beauty of Scottish landscapes scattered with magnificent lakes, moors and castles. Such a virtual trip around Scotland was made possible owing to an interactive whiteboard as well as an amazing PowerPoint presentation, “A Trip to Scotland”.

A great many students, enchanted by the Scottish culture and armed with knowledge about the country, enthusiastically took part in two contests, where, following heated competition among the contestants, the winners were finally appointed: Patrycja Sikora, Małgorzata Reguła and Ewelina Bek (in the individual contest) as well as Justyna Salamon/Emilia Kowalska and Martyna Kosmala/Natalia Kapała (in the group contest). The winners were rewarded with English dictionaries and books sponsored by Pearson Longman and Oxford University Press.

Also, some students had an opportunity to watch a documentary about the homeland of Macbeth and the Stuart dynasty. Impressed by the programme and the classes, students made interesting theme projects, such as posters or even a book on Scotland, written and illustrated by Magdalena Dzierża of IIa LO.

No doubt, it was a great day for both having fun and acquiring knowledge of the “land of tradition and legends” which many students will hopefully hold in memory for a long time.



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