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Become a Detective! 26 September 2010

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Wersja POLSKA: Kliknij tutaj!


TODAY, at midnight sharp, between Sunday and Monday, on 27 September 2010, at Think English website, the Agatha Christie Game starts:

Become a Detective!


In various places on Think English website (https://zs2konkursy.wordpress.com) there are 4 different clues hidden. If you find them, you can guess the title of the Agatha Christie book they come from. Each clue, when found, should be submitted via e-mail to: think.english[at]op.pl, including:

1) the name of the clue (e.g.: THE VICTIM: a young man),
2)the exact place where it was found (the article title and/or full address, e.g.: https://zs2konkursy.wordpress.com/watch-english),
3) your full name and the form you attend at our school.


Each clue is presented as a picture with an appropriate “clue name” on it. To find them, you must look through the contents of the Think English website (only the English version), carefully looking for the hints:

– when you mouseover a place where a clue is hidden, you will see the announcement: AGATHA CHRISTIE WEEK: YOU HAVE FOUND A CLUE – Click here and tell the administrator via e-mail: think.english@op.pl
– when you click on such a place, a picture with the name of the clue will appear.


There is a clue hidden within this sentence.


With each clue you have fund, you will earn 3 points, and if you can guess the title of the book, you will get 3 more points. For this part of the contest you can earn even 15 points!


The contestants who will earn the most points in all parts of the school contest will receive prizes, such as:
– PC Game: Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None,
– DVD films based on Agatha Christie books,
– books.


You can look for and submit the clues until midnight between Friday and Saturday, on 1 October 2010.

You are welcome to take part in the game! Good Luck!


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