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A Recipe for a Great Lover 25 May 2010

Posted by Ryszard Oślizło in Essays, Student Programme.
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Have you ever been in love? A great lover Those who have probably remember their utmost wish and the dilemma of that time: how to become an ideal lover? Is there a secret recipe to follow? And where should you seek heart advice? Exploring the subject, you may consult literature and find two mutually exclusive images of a great lover: Don Juan and Romeo. Though you may be eager to choose and follow one of these outdated examples, beware of the consequences, because none of them should be followed separately! A modern great lover must be a clever mixture of both, seasoned generously with your own personality.

Imitating someone else’s behavior may seem exciting, but can work for some time only. Sooner or later every poseur becomes irritated and tired of his pose. Therefore, the only way to achieve a lasting success in love is being always natural. A pinch of romanticism and an ounce of craziness will then just add colour to the relationship.

There are men who call themselves romantic while they play the roles of knights-errant. They love longing for the queens of their hearts, which means they passively pursue blind adornment and languish comfortably doing nothing. Women hate such bores, so you’d better be more active in expressing your feelings. There is an extensive assortment of helpful means that women always appreciate, such as, invitations to special dinners for two by candlelight; going out to the theatre, cinema or concert; giving flowers and paying compliments. All simple and effective.

However, exaggerated simplicity can be as dangerous in love as boredom is. Women prefer balance: a bit of crazy fun from time to time will surely be welcome. The three following ex’s – exquisite parties, exotic journeys and expensive presents – can work wonders if used as exciting interludes among everyday forms of spending time together. Of course, throwing money down the drain won’t do but there’s no question of making a great lover out of a penny pincher.

The final conclusion may seem surprising and a bit strange: a great deal of common sense is required to combine all the other, more obvious characteristics into one perfect image of a great lover. A lot of people may be shocked at the above statement. Nevertheless, the idea, when put into practice properly, always works. And this is not cold calculation, this is real love. Try and see.

Your Turn!

1) How many fictional great lovers do you know of? Find and paste here the names of great lovers known from films, books, songs, etc. Choose your favourite one and write why you like him/her best.

2) Write a short characteristic of one (or more) of the following: a great friend, a great sibling, a great parent, a great student, a great teacher, a great boss. Use as many adjectives as you can!

3) Contrast Romeo with Don Juan: who was a better lover and why?



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