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Happy New Year! 30 December 2009

Posted by Ryszard Oślizło in Holidays.
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The New Year’s Day
New year’s day wasn’t always celebrated on January 1. The Gregorian calendar reform restored the day as the new year’s day in 1582. Most Catholic countries adopted the new calendar almost immediately, but Protestant countries did it gradually. For example, it wasn’t adopted by the British until 1752 and before then the British Empire and their American colonies celebrated the new year in March.

The New Year’s Resolutions
Nevertheless, people have always been looking back to the past on the New Year’s Eve and – even more importantly – forward to the future. The coming year is a time to think of the changes we want to make in our lives to make them better.

The Top Ten Resolutions
Have you ever thought about what people want to improve in their lives most? See what the top ten New Year resolutions are and check if yours are on the list. On New Year’s Eve people resolve to:

1. Spend more time with family & friends
2. Exercise more
3. Lose weight
4. Quit smoking
5. Enjoy life more
6. Quit drinking
7. Get out of debt
8. Learn something new
9. Help others
10. Get organized

What do YOU resolve?
And what are your New Year resolutions? You can now choose and vote for one of the top 10 resolutions or add your own to the poll! How about “Think English more”…?


Your Turn!

Take part in the poll on top New Year resolutionCLICK HERE
(you can choose and vote for more than one resolution!)

See others’ resolutions and write down your own – CLICK HERE
Run out of ideas? Use Care2.com New Year resolution machine and make
good resolutions for you body, mind, soul and the world!CLICK HERE

More about top 10 New Year resolutions you can read here:

Send a New Year e-card for free!

THINK ENGLISH has prepared a special treat for you – click on the card:

Happy New Year 2010!

And don’t forget to send your own card to all your near and dear – and spread New Year joy and cheer to your friends and family! We recommed to choose and send one of these e-cards, because every time a FREE Care2 eCard is sent, a donation is made to help important organizations!

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1. Ryszard Oślizło - 4 January 2010

I resolve to:
– spend more time with family & friends
– exercise more
– learn something new
– Think English more 😉

And I hope to write more, hopefully a new book…

Share your New Year resolutions with us here!

Some resolutions and comments to the poll can be found here <= CLICK

Hey, Vidic15, I hope you’ll sign the contract with Manchester United, but you’d better learn more English so that you could understand what you’re signing… ;P


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