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Teen Alternate Worlds 3 December 2009

Posted by Ryszard Oślizło in Essays, Film.
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Lots of good and not-so-good books, films and TV series have been written or produced where perfectly normal and usually average teen humans get into contact with something (or should I say someone) supernatural. Twilight These stories set in alternate worlds – where “the normal” and “the adult” seem more alien than E.T. – have always been very popular with teenagers all over the world. And why is that?

One of the obvious reasons may be the familiar feeling of being different and not understood, which is common in such stories: no matter if you are a vampire, an alien, a superhero or a human teenager, you will feel equally strange in the ordinary world of so called normal and adult humans. And there are the tempting superpowers that you could use…

The theme’s success might also result from the necessity to live with a secret about who you really are or feel you are. It brings relief if you know that there are others with their secrets – however strange – because you know that you’re no longer alone.

And, of course, there is always the need of excitement that you will fulfill while reading or watching the sci-fi stories. After all, isn’t it thrilling to explore the unknown, whether it is the unknown world, the unknown species or the unknown person?

Regardless of the reasons why the theme of teen alternate worlds is so popular, these stories are usually good fun and a way to forget about the everyday reality, so don’t think twice, just plunge into the alternate world of feeling different, secrets, excitement and… the English language, if only you read or watch the original versions!

Your Turn!

for your favourite teen sci-fi book/film/TV series.

Keep in mind that the following poll is about teen alternate worlds, so sorry guys, no Star Trek, Heroes or True Blood this time…

You can choose among:
(if unsure, check the trailers below!)

1. Roswell (aliens)
2. Kyle XY (superpowers)
3. The Twilight Saga (vampires)
4. Smallville (superhero)
5. Hex (witches, angels, demons)
6. The Vampire Diaries (vampires)

…or add a different one

for your favourite teen sci-fi book/film/TV series.



1. Bart_Simpson - 9 February 2010

Roswell: I finished watch this serial two weeks ago and I think that is really good film especially for teenagers. I’m really disapointed when I saw that this serial end in third season, but I really recomend this TV series.
The Twilight Saga: I’m only watch the first film, so maybe I don’ t add my opinion.
The Vampire Diaries: I like this serial, beacause I like vampires. Very good story and actors playing so I vote for this TV series


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