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An Interview with Shashwat Shah 6 June 2016

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An Interview with Shashwat Shah
Oliwia Makuch

Oliwia: What do you like the most and the least about Jastrzębie?

Shash: Hello. Okay, so I think the answer is pretty simple, because the best thing is that the place is quite peaceful and it’s actually the worst thing as well, because it’s too peaceful sometimes. I like the open spaces, calm and the peace in the city and then sometimes it’s too much for me since I come from really, really big city.

O: Okay, so question number two is: if you had to describe your stay in this town in 3 words, how would you describe it?

S: Oh, umm. Spoko, spoko, spoko ha-ha.

O: Ha-ha okay, we can give you extra point for saying that in Polish, it was really good. So the next question is: is there anything that surprised you while being in Poland?

S: While being in Poland? A lot of things. It feels like I’m on a different planet actually, because the systems here are very different, the ways of doing things are very, very different, everything is quite different, so like an example would be driving here is different, the roads are designed in a very different way, that surprised me a lot. Secondly, the people here are quite friendly. In one month that I’ve been here, I haven’t even seen a one person argue or fight with each other, no one is raised angry or frustrated, so that’s kind of impressive again.

O: Okay, that’s good. So, no bad opinions about Poland so far.

S: I think Poland is a beautiful country first of all, like I said the green and open spaces are really really good to see and something different for me, but the only thing I kind of would like to point out is that it’s not growing the way it should maybe. Like, when I come back to India, India is growing every day, something new, something different happening, so when I come back to India I will see something new in my city, cause that’s how India is growing every day. I think that’s a little less in Poland maybe, but maybe because Poland is developed already. So that’s something I noticed.

O: That’s fair. How much Polish have you learned while being in our country?

S: Okay I will say just whatever I know. Little bit. So, Nazywam się Shashwat. Jestem z Indii, lubię pierogi. Then I know how to say Mówię tylko po angielsku i nie umiem mówić po polsku, kocham cię, do widzenia. Oh, and the last thing is Niech żyje Polska.

O: Okay that’s a lot then, really good. Are you looking forward to going back home?

S: When I go back I will be really, really sad of course, I like my country, but I like it here so I would like to stay for more. I’m not like, excited for going back. I like Poland.

O: Is there anything you’re going to miss once you’re back home?

S: The celebrity status, ha-ha. Yeah I’ll miss the celebrity status, the attention I get from everyone, the love, people take care of me so much here. I’ll definitely miss that. I’ll miss the classes, the schools, the students, the teachers. Everything, really, every bit, cause everything is so beautiful, I’ll miss everything and the food as well, the weather. When I go back I’ll be going to almost 40 degrees and here it’s like 20-25.

O: Okay, so that would be it. Thank you.

S: Do widzenia, ha-ha. See you in India.

O: See you in India, Shash.


WRITE A BOOK IN ENGLISH 26 September 2015

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Masz bogatą wyobraźnię i lubisz pisać?

Weź udział w szkolnym konkursie literackim

think-wallpaper-3-1366-768 think-wallpaper-2-1366-768 think-wallpaper-4-1366-768 think-wallpaper-7-1366-768 think-wallpaper-9-1366-768 think-wallpaper-8-1366-768

Konkurs ma charakter eliminacji do ogólnopolskiego konkursu na angielskojęzyczną kartkę z pamiętnika “Day by Day”, który organizuje krakowska Szkoła Języków Obcych GLOSSA

  • Tematyka jest w dużym stopniu dowolna, jednak tekst musi mieć formę pamiętnika.
  • Prace muszą stanowić twórczość własną uczestnika konkursu.
  • Tekst powinien zawierać co najmniej 7200 znaków (licząc ze spacjami).
  • Informacji nt. konkursu udziela i zgłoszenia przyjmuje p. Ryszard Oślizło (106 B).
  • Teksty w formacie .doc, .docx lub .odt można przysyłać do dnia 31 grudnia 2015 r. na adres think.english@op.pl

– temat e-maila: Konkurs: Napisz książkę po angielsku,
– w treści proszę podać imię, nazwisko i klasę uczestnika konkursu.

  • Najlepsze prace

– zostaną wydane w postaci e-booków i opublikowane na stronie Think English (http://thinkenglish.boo.pl),
– wezmą udział w tegorocznej edycji ogólnopolskiego konkursu „Day by Day”.

Książki napisane przez naszych uczniów w poprzednich edycjach konkursu „Day by Day” przeczytasz na stronie


Zachęcamy do lektury!

Promocyjne tapety na pulpit (w rozdzielczości 1366 x 768 pikseli) można pobrać z galerii powyżej.

Completely new Think English website 31 May 2015

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I have completed my new website


You will find there lots of lesson materials, films,

games, Prezis, flip-books and more. I hope you will enjoy it.

Please, take part in the poll below.

Comments will be appreciated.


VOTE for my students’ stories 1 March 2015

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written for the annual all-Poland literary competition “Day by Day”

Click: http://glossa.pl/daybyday

You may vote for all 4 stories written by:

  • Aleksandra Lasia
  • Justyna Kulesza
  • Oliwia Penkala
  • Dorota Palka

Click: “Zagłosuj na ten pamiętnik” under each entry.



Celebrate St. David’s Day 28 February 2015

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March 1 is St. David’s Day
Wales celebrates it’s national day

Watch the film made to celebrate St. David’s Day, the National Day of Wales.

On Think English YouTube channel you’ll find credits to the authors for their video clips used and edited in this film. Enjoy!

Liga Językowa – konkurs 13 October 2014

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do udziału w konkursie z języka angielskiego
„Liga Językowa”

Konkurs skierowany jest do uczniów klas pierwszych i drugich Liceum Ogólnokształcącego oraz pierwszych, drugich i trzecich Technikum.

W rywalizacji mogą brać udział dwuosobowe drużyny.

Konkurs zostanie przeprowadzony w pięciu etapach. Każdy etap będzie zawierał zagadnienia z gramatyki i słownictwa języka angielskiego oraz sprawdzał rozumienie tekstu czytanego.

Pierwszy etap odbędzie się
29 października o godz. 8:50 w sali 104A.

Zagadnienia oraz szczegółowe informacje dostępne są u nauczycieli języka angielskiego: pani Martyny Kania, Anety Cholewy, Anny Wodeckiej i Marii Pietranik.

Chętnych prosimy o zgłoszenia do 24 października.

Nagrody czekają!

Two New Think English e-books 16 June 2014

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Click the covers to read the e-books

You are invited to read two new e-books written by 2 talented students at Wojciech Korfanty 2nd High School in Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Poland. Both stories were written for the all-Poland literary contest “Day by Day” organized by Glossa – School of Foreign Languages, based in Cracow. These e-books are completely different from each other both in style and content.

“When I Was… a Girl” by Oliwia Penkala is a funny story of a boy who one day wakes up to a pink-walled room and, to his horror, discovers he is no longer a boy… This abstract situation becomes a pretext for exploring the differences in boys’ and girls’ minds, behaviours and choices. Hilarious dialogues and reflective observations make the story a funny, light read with a message.

“A Miscellany of Memories” by Justyna Kulesza is a story of Janina Tulip, a sixty-year-old woman who spent her childhood and youth in the communist Poland of the 1970s and having discovered the truth about the political system, she decided to leave the country forever. Thirty years later she finds her old diary at the attic and decides to share her dramatic life experience with her blog readers.

You can read these e-books both from your computer and Android devices, just click the book cover of your choice and enjoy the read!

English in a nutshell 16 May 2014

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Are you a middle school graduate looking for information on English classes at Korfanty High School in Jastrzębie-Zdrój? Well, then you can relax, ’cause you’ve come to the right place. Check the prezi below and find all you need to know about what you can expect as our student. Enjoy the prezi and feel invited to our school! To see the prezi – CLICK ON THE PICTURE

Day by Day 2014 8 March 2014

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Zapraszamy uczniów Zespołu Szkół nr 2
do udziału w ogólnopolskim konkursie „Day by Day”.

Do wygrania atrakcyjne nagrody, między innymi
wyjazd do Anglii lub na Maltę na intensywny kurs językowy.
Konkurs trwa do 31 marca 2014.

Szczegóły: Szkoła Języków Obcych GLOSSA
Zgłoszenia: p. Ryszard Oślizło (106 B).

Fall in Love with High School No 2 25 February 2014

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Watch a short animoto video with pictures taken during the “Fall in Love with High School No 2” event on Valentine’s Day!

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